Introducing Fuelpak FP3

Tune your Harley-Davidson® with your iPhone or Android!
Fuelpak® FP3 from Vance & Hines, one of the most powerful flash tuners available. You've already selected the best exhaust system for your Harley, now complete the package with the Fuelpak FP3 for optimized performance. With this app and the required hardware you can:

  • ⋅ Download dyno tuned maps specific for your bike/pipe combination
  • ⋅ Adjust individual parameters in your fuel and spark tables
  • ⋅ AutoTune your bike
  • ⋅ Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • ⋅ View live sensor data

Fulepak FP3 iOS Fulepak FP3 Android

Fulepak FP3